Spiritstone Gems

Meet Spiritstones Intuitive Healers & Readers

                                     Tina Marie Dale        
                                Ascension Shaman & Intuitive Healer
                              Reiki/ Energy Master/Instructor
                                         Spiritual Guide

 Tina has a B.A. in Spiritual Healing and is also certified in various healing art forms.  Her sessions are based on forgiveness & love for all beings. She provides services in Sound Healing, Divine Energy Healing, Shamanic Soul Healing involving Soul Piece Retrieval & Psychic Cord Removal, Inner Child Healing, Aura and Chakra Cleansing. She continues to learn additional healing modalities and integrates each into her practice for the highest good of others.

As a Spiritual Healer, Tina has based her practice on a holistic and spiritual approach by bringing together powerful healing energy modalities to provide a new level of spiritual insight and healing so that people, places and things, throughout time can find healing, health and wholeness, by returning to the heart of love.

Tina welcomes clients who are dedicated to walking the path for their highest good and offers hands on sessions and distance sessions to clients all over the world who are ready to release trauma from the past, victim-hood patterning, and who are ready to be healed.

                                                    Wes Hatem
                                      Intuitive Empath & Healer
                                                Spiritual Guide

Wes is a very gifted individual with 10 yrs experience.  He intuitively assists individuals on their path to their highest vibration possible by understanding the energy behind all physical aspects of their life.  He can assist you in understanding the light within you and the message it has for you.  His method involves seeing what is energetically beneath the surface so you can better understand yourself by reading energetic/geometric alignments within and outside the body.

Tina and Wes offer dynamic sessions that will connect you with your inner essence and restore your
personal power to be fully present in the here and now.

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