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New Year 3 Day Retreats


Experience the sacred energy of Sedona in this three day retreat.

Anchor the Body, Mind, and Spirit in an expanded horizon of awareness.

Explore sacred sites at their core with our intuitive and gifted guides.

$1,350 per person.

 *Transportation, flight, hotel and meals not included.


Day 1:  
Beginning at 9:00am: 4 Aura Reports with Readings, Sacred Site & Burning off Karma meditation, Medicine Wheel, break for late lunch, and New Year Abundance Ceremony.

Day 2:
Beginning at 9:00am: Sound Journey and Energy/Crystal healing each, System Enlightenment and Intuitive Energy Reading each.   

Day 3:
Beginning at 11:00am: Visit two Sacred sites with meditations. 

Phone:  (928)204-2100
Email: spiritstone@spiritstonegems.com



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